Fully Alive Campaign

We have only been able to get this far because of your help and so we thank you for that! If you are interested in continuing, there are a number of ways you can give. As we grow to meet our goal, we are able to do more for communities. We hope you continue to join us on this mission! Join us and consider helping us meet our goal of $120,000 through monthly or one-time donations. See more information below.

Create a Culture of living Fully Alive with us

Join us on this journey to transform culture! As we embark to expand Fully Alive to help support the communities we work with, our missionaries, and grow to more parishes and colleges, we hope you join us!
Fully Alive Parish
Transform parishes with us to create missionary communities
Fully Alive Marriage
Transform Marriage with us to create missionary couples
Fully Alive Family
Transform families with us to create missionary families


Join us and help us to reach out goal and expand our mission!

10% $10,000 - Now

With this much of our goal met we were able to register as a Non-profit, receive our 501(c)(3), and begin operating as a ministry.

25% $25,000

At this amount, we can begin offering retreats to communities and travel around the US. We will start training and equipping others, going to conferences, and encountering others along the way.

50% $50,000

Once we are halfway to our goal, we can begin to hire more missionaries for parishes and colleges to be sent out next year in teams of 6 and cover the cost of training.

75% $75,000

At 75%, we can start helping parishes and colleges with smaller budgets by offering grants so that they can say "yes" to having a community that is Fully Alive.

100% $100,000 - Fully Funded

Once our goal is met we can begin our campaign for the next year. We will be able to offer our ministry to any community, no matter their budget, begin working on expanding Fully Alive, get into a permeant office, and continue, with you, to change culture!