Living As An Heir

"and if children, then heirs, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him." - Romans 8:17

As I was reading and praying through this verse the other day, something hit me as if for the first time. An heir is someone who inherits some sort of good due to the death of an individual. With this in mind, this verse then centralizes on Jesus and His sacrifice for us on the cross. But the beautiful thing is that the verse does not stop there!
Paul says that we are fellow heirs of Christ, and this is incredible! If we are fellow heirs with Him, that means that all that is available to Christ can be available to us. The Son is constantly receiving from the Father, and He invites us into this, to receive more from God. But, if we are receiving from God, what is it that we are receiving and what is it that we are an heir to? Well luckily there is a one word answer for this, "everything".
Everything that there is was made specifically for you out of love! But, if we do not realize this we aren't living out life an an heir. Here's the thing of living as an heir, they accept what is given to them and then they continue to build up the kingdom! But there's still more for us to inherit, and this is when everything becomes more real.
We must be willing to suffer with Jesus Christ every single day, because it is only though this do we celebrate the fruits of His resurrection. In this celebration is where we inherit everything that we get from being heirs. But, we must suffer with Jesus Christ! Now, at first this may seem like a daunting task! But with God's grace this is a great opportunity.
To suffer with Christ can come in many different ways that are all beautiful and sanctifying. Maybe for you to suffer with Christ could be taking cold showers for a specific intention, fasting, an illness you are suffering with, or possibly even it could be helping out someone that you really do not want to help out. Whatever it is, it may not be fun in the moment but the fruit of it afterwards will be tremendous! Personally, I would say take this to prayer and allow God to tell you in what ways can you join Him in suffering, so you can be glorified in the resurrection!
At the end of the day, Christ calls us to follow Him on the way to the cross because this is how we can truly come to learn what love and sacrifice is. For, if love has no sacrifice then it is not true love! The way to the cross is the way that an heir lives out their lives, for an heir realizes that everything that is given to them and that this life, is all for something greater. So, go live life as an heir by knowing that you are made for unity with God in Heaven and that the Jesus wants you to there with him!

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