Imitating Mary and the Cross in mission

Mary spent her entire life in a Trinitarian way. She constantly sought to give of herself to the Father and through the Holy Spirit. She is the model Christian and when one wonders what does it look like to truly live fully alive they need not look any further than our Mother Mary. Our Lady lived out her fiat to the Lord daily, always seeking to do the Fathers will and to say yes. At the heart of what she lived daily was the religion of the Cross that which was taught to her by her son but also one that she lived her entire life.
Our Mother Mary lived out the Cross in the simplicity of offering herself to the Father so that He may overflow from her and encounter all those around her. From being a little girl and never sinning, free of sin and in perfect union all of her life. Even as a little girl she was able to let God flow forth from her as she constantly offered herself. Without Mary we could not have the Incarnate Lord, but through the yes of our Blessed Mother, through seeking to do the Father’s Will and offering of herself to Him we are given the Son of God. The Son of the Father comes down into human flesh through Our Mother, through her simple and beautiful obedience, the Lord overflows from her as a little baby boy who redeems the world. Then she continues to say yes as she initiates her Son’s ministry when she hears the cry of the people and lets the Lord help them by overflowing from her. She submits to the Son as she learns what it is to truly be the Mother of all and live the Cross. Then at the passion of our Lord she enjoins with Him, suffering with and embraces the sinners as she is then given the earthly Church which is redeemed by Christ and united with her, the Immaculate Church. 
So that leaves the question, “what is there to learn from her,” only simply everything. Her entire life is worthy of pondering and even now as she works in apparitions, consecrations, and miracles today. She is the model and through her everything is revealed as she leads everything to the Son. One thing that can certainly be taken away is her trinitarian life. In each and every moment she sought to offer herself to the Father with the Holy Spirit and did so while united with the Son. We are all called to the same truth, the same reality. To each and every moment to decrease as she did so in such a way all that could be seen was the Son as she was so united and truly one with God. Every step, every breath, all actions and thoughts, everything ought to be in seeking to decrease and so that He may increase. What that looks like is in listening so well with open ears and having a heart so ready to unite with the Sacred Heart that decreasing is simply becoming one with the Will of the Father. To see the reality that all things have been given to you so that you may offer them all back to the Father by trusting in His presence in every moment, knowing that He has a plan, and listening so that you may more fully partake, and then giving your “yes” in each moment. To have the same humble confidence as Mary and seek to serve the Lord in all things. It is to recognize that He is always present and always reaching out and to imitate Mary by saying yes to the Holy Spirit so that God may work through you in all encounters, in your work, in your conversations with friends, in prayer, in seeing a beautiful day. Imitation of Mary is seeking to live a Heavenly reality now, by being so intune to the Spirit and constantly seeking to give of oneself in such a way that all encounters people can only see God dwelling within you and overflowing into them.

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