To know we must love

To know we must love

“Must love God even more than we want to know. Mary sought love over to know and Adam sought to know over love.”

I begin to think of this and I realize how that it is only in love that we through the revelation of God, begin to know. When we seek to know first it is easy to get caught up in facts and numbers but fail to see the truth, and that it is only truth when it is met with love.
Adam sought first to know. He wanted to be like God, to understand all that was in front of him and to have a sense of control. Due to this He lacked a great deal of trust. What was there was a good desire, to know God more intimately, but what he lacked in it was trust, trust that God was taking care of him and would provide. How often I know I’ve sought to make sure I have everything in order, I needed to know what is ahead of me or I make sure I am prepared to the degree that I want to be prepared. Rather what beauty it would be if I would take that step and trust each step of the way, trust God by the very act of receiving and loving God. Adam did not seek to offer himself up to the Father, rather than lay down his life he sought to know first  instead of laying down all in an act of faith.

Mary in her Fiat submitted to God, she asked one clarifying question and from there trusted each step of the way. Jesus is not only the truth but is the way and the truth. If He calls me to it, He will also provide me the way for it because He is The Way. Mary learned each step of the way, she was docile to the spirit. She was open to receiving and even in the midst of confusion, hardship or turmoil, she loved, because she knew all she needed to - that her God loved her.
What good does it do to know but to lack love? Can we even say we know anything if we lack love, we may seek to know but we do not truly know anything at all if it is not revealed in and through love in an act of surrender through faith by trusting in God.

Mary in each step submits to the Father and the Son. She nurtures Jesus, feeds him, prays with him, bathes and clothes him, and then as she hears Him question how she could not know He was in His Father’s house, she chooses trust and love over knowing. Yes, Mary knows this is different and she knows once again at the wedding feast of Cana. “Woman,” He calls her, immediately she submits as she knows He is calling her, initiating her into a bigger role, and she calls everyone to do the same, “do whatever He tells you.” The beauty that is seen in Mary as she submits to her own son, listening and learning as she knows she is joining in with Him for something. She doesn’t seek to stop him and get the rundown of what is to come, she does not ask Him to stop and changes her mind, she loves. Each step of the way she walks, receiving and learning and from that trust through love she begins to know as He reveals more and more to her, all the way till she hears, “Women, behold your son.” Then she takes up her place as the New Eve, what beauty. Eve, who listened to Satan who tempted her to eat of the apple so that she may know all rather than to trust out of love, falls. Now we have Mary who stomps on the head of the serpent as she chooses to love and through that love, knows.
To know Jesus is to imitate Him, laying down one's life, living with trust, living with love. Mary is a perfect model to turn to and look at as she trusted and was so quick to do so, in each and every moment. God taught her along the way, slowly and steadily preparing her for her role, why should I think He would not do the same with me? He wants me to know Him but first he wants me to love Him.

God Bless,
Caden Bennett