How To Grow In Intimacy With God

So often, we say to ourselves “I don’t know how to increase in my prayer” or “I don’t know how to come to know Jesus better”. In all reality, coming to know Jesus is not something that is foreign to us, for this is what we are made for. We are made to be intimate with Him, and if only we knew how much He desires us. So, there are three helpful actions that can assist in growing in intimacy.

Sit and Listen In Prayer

One excuse we tend to make is that we pray and “nothing happens” then we get discouraged and we stop praying. If we put prayer into the context of a relationship, our perspective may change.

If you’re married or in a dating relationship, you know that communication is key. What would happen to your relationship if you only talked to them for 10 minutes a day, and when you did talk all you did was vent and then walk away. Your significant other desires to help you, but you don’t give them the time of day. You leave them desiring to help you, but all the while you go away maybe more frustrated than before. As a result, it turns out that you eventually just have not intimacy in your relationship at all.

This is the same thing with our relationship with God! He desires to speak to us, but so often we go away frustrated without giving him the chance to talk. One of the hardest parts of prayer is sitting in His presence and attempting to just abide with Him. But think of it as you are staring at the love of your life in the eyes, and for a few moments you feel complete. This is exactly what happens, but you are staring in the eyes of Love itself. But, in all reality we are only completed when we embrace this encounter with Jesus!

In reality, this is one of the hardest things to do with God, but it is because we are uncomfortable with sitting in silence! This can be a hug stumbling block for us in prayer, but God desires to speak to us in the silence of our hearts. Sitting in silence to listen doesn't mean that you sit for a minute then you stop. Sitting in silence means resting with God, and allowing Him to pour out His mercy onto you.

Actually Talk With God 

At times it can seem daunting to talk with the creator of the universe. But, in all reality talking with God is not as difficult as it is made out to be. The main aspect of it is, dialogue. This, as you know, requires time for listening and for talking. Listening is extremely important, but naturally we desire to speak! So what exactly do you talk about with God?
Anything, literally anything and everything. A father loves to hear his children talk about their day, even though he knows exactly what happened. This is exactly what our Father desires as well! Even though, He knows precisely what happens in our day, He wants to hear us talk about it!  Once we realize that God is in everything, then prayer becomes a little bit different. It is no longer a “what do I say to Him”, it is then “what do I not tell Him!”. We also must discuss our emotions with God.

Emotions, are very good! If you are furious about something, tell Him; if you are depressed, tell Him; if you are confused, tell Him. There is nothing that should be held back from God, for He already knows. It is as if we are a sick patient who knows that the doctor will make us better, and we decide to not communicate our pain and emotions to the doctor. How can we expect to heal and get better if we don’t talk with the Doctor?

More often than not, when we bring our emotions to the One who gave us them, scenarios start to clear up. It has been said that one reason we are not progressing in prayer, is due to small trifles. So often in prayer, we “avoid” certain things that happen in our lives because we do not desire to discuss them, or we view them as non-important. God does not desire the major parts of our lives, He desires all of it. No matter if it is our best or worst moments, the Father desires to hear us cry out to Him!

Realize Everything As A Gift 

If God is who He says He is and He really does take care of His flock, then we every aspect of our life is a gift. It is a gift, because God is giving Himself fully to us! Every breath, blink, or footstep is a gift from God, but sometimes it can be hard to notice this. But if only we are willing to change our sight of the world, we would see everything as a reflection of Love.
For example, my father and I were at a store recently and I vividly remember him seeing an item and instantly he said, “this makes me think of your mother”. At the time I didn’t think much of it, but now I realize that this is love. It is love to go throughout your day and think about the one who loves you. How much would our days change, if we had our senses oriented to God. For, if God is truly present everywhere then it only makes sense that all of creation is a reflection of Him.

If we were to all go about all day with our eyes set on Love, our intimacy will drastically increase. Going through our day seeing everything as a gift from the one who loves us the most really changes our perspective. No longer is prayer something boring, but it is now an intimate love story! For, as a father comes home and reminds his wife how much he had thought of her that day, we too will go to prayer telling God how much we thought of Him today. If we would only cry out to the Father, with the Son, and embrace that the Spirit is interceding for us with sighs too deep for words.
God bless, 
Seth Conrad