“Follow Me”

Jesus went out and saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at the customs post. He said to him, “Follow me.” And leaving everything behind, he got up and followed him. (Luke 5:27-28)

Jesus wants us close to Him, and not just part of us, but all of us! I remember thinking that this is kind of scary, because this is an intense amount of love and desire. But this intense amount of love comes from a gentle hand that reaches out to us! If we take the hand of Jesus, no matter how uncertain we might be, then we will come to understand what the words “Follow me” truly mean.

The Encounter

Jesus, with His eyes of love, encounters every person at every single moment of time. More often than not, Christ will meet the person where they are at. So what does this mean?
Christ strongly desires for us to be close to Him, and He is willing to meet us right where we are at. Whether we are at school, work, home, or even driving, He desires us at that moment. We need not to look for a Hollywood moment of when we encounter Him, it may be something as simple as “Follow me”. But, He personally invites everyone to follow Him, no matter how old you are, or what your occupation is. Whether you are a mother, father, student, or anything else, Jesus Christ still calls you to follow Him.

This is somewhat daunting, for those who follow Him get persecuted, and the world thinks that they are crazy. But it comes down to the question of is it worth it? Is Jesus Christ worth following, if that means we give Him everything and follow Him to the cross? Even if my family thinks I’m crazy, or my workplace does not approve, the answer must always be yes.

The Risk

The invitation made by Jesus all comes down to the moment where we can either say yes, or no. At this moment, our lives can either radically change, or they can stay complacent with what the world offers. In Luke’s account, Levi leaves everything behind and follow Jesus. He leaves his worries, occupation, social status, wealth, and follows Jesus. This is the goal, right here. We must leave everything behind and follow the one who has been seeking us, and who earnestly desires our heart.

This obviously comes with the risk of losing friends, social status, and other worldly attributes. But, the great thing is that Jesus gives us so much in return if we would only give up a little bit.
If we desire to grow and learn from Jesus, we must be willing to risk our worldly desires and give it to Him, so that we can come closer to His Eucharistic heart. All it comes down to is whether or not we desire to be like Mother Mary, and give her Son a simple “Yes”, as she did daily.


After the encounter, the risk of our yes, the final step is following Him. To follow Jesus is to, be caught up in the dust of the rabbi. This means that you follow Him so closely that the dust that he kicks up walking is getting caught on your clothes. That is how closely Jesus wants us to be with Him!

To follow Him that closely means that we invite Him into our daily mundane tasks! Whether that is walking the dogs, doing the dishes, making diner, invite Jesus to do it with you. This may sound silly, but this is where Jesus wants to be, for He doesn't just want the Sunday mass going you, He wants to driving your kids to practice, you!

Jesus truly wants every aspect of us, and for this to happen we must be willing to give over every aspect of ourselves to Him. Let us pray that Jesus can become the central aspect of our lives, by saying “yes” and inviting Him into every second of our lives.

God Bless, 

Seth Conrad